other coach training programs, we devote half of the required course hours to organizational theory and frameworks of human behaviour and change. The other half is dedicated to the practice of coaching with individuals, groups and teams within organizations. Our approach sets this program apart from other coach training programs: Coaching for School Improvement PAUSE AND REFLECT 1-1: When a school improvement coach contracts with an agency to provide support for a school team, there is typically a written agreement specifying qualifications, performance expectations, job responsibilities, and compensation. A coach can demonstrate the value of transpar- www.utsa.edu

The official Coach Training School of Anthony Robbins. Robbins-Madanes Training has trained over 10,000 life coaches. Learn how to transform individuals, couples, businesses and organizations. Change your life today by choosing the career of tomorrow. Training: The Special Olympics coach will develop an individualized training program for each athlete. The program shall include instruction in fundamental skills, conditioning and competition rules. The training and competition program will be a minimum of eight (8) weeks. 2. To know, understand and abide by the Official Special Olympics Rules. 3.