Parity: Parity of a number refers to whether it contains an odd or even number of 1-bits. The number has “odd parity”, if it contains odd number of 1-bits and is “even parity” if it contains even number of 1-bits. Main idea of the below solution is – Loop while n is not 0 and in loop unset one of the set bits and invert parity.

For example, the parity bit for 101 is 0, while the parity bit for 100 is 1. Specifically, this is known as even parity. In odd parity, the parity bit is the opposite. An easy way to remember it is that in even parity, there is always an even number of 1's (including the parity bit). In odd parity, there is always an odd number. Voted as Best Calculator: ... Polynomial Parity Checker Find out the parity of any polynomial (odd, evan or none) using this Polynomial Parity Checker.