Sep 12, 2019 · Pig organ soup (right) with nuo mi chang (left) | Image credit: Julia Khoo Named after two brothers who have operated this pig offal soup stall since the 1950s, their soup still has the porky punch and salted mustard leaf tanginess which other Teochew pig organ soup stalls lack. A wide variety of offal and pig blood are made into a traditional soup of the North of Portugal called, papas de sarrabulho. Chicken feet are also used in soups. In Greece (and similarly in Turkey, Albania and North Macedonia), splinantero consists of liver, spleen, and small intestine, roasted over an open fire.

Put the broth on the stove, add the meat and warm milk. Separately, heat the butter and fry the flour and paprika in it. Dilute the roux is with some of the soup and pour it into the rest of the soup. Finally, season with salt and paprika. Serve the soup of pig trotters with blended garlic, vinegar, chili and horseradish as desired.