In this case, intonation and pronunciation have two areas of overlap. Intonation (Part 5) - Mood and personality is an extremely important aspect of intonation, as it goes beyond what you are trying to say--it dictates how your listener will relate to you as an individual ; Liaisons (Part 1) - In American English, words are not pronounced one ... These are notes on English stress, rhythm and intonation. Part A is for students and Part B is for teachers. The treatment here is “technical”, as by a linguist, but in very plain language. Even with poor formal English, L2 speakers who “sound right”

Jun 26, 2019 · Enunciation vs. Pronunciation. Enunciation is the art of speaking words clearly and concisely, whereas pronunciation is the act of speaking words correctly, it is more related to the accent, intonation of the words rather than just clearly expressing the word as in the case of enunciation.