Texture filtering - Anisotropic sample optimization On Texture filtering - Negative LOD bias Allow Texture filtering - Quality High performance Texture filtering - Trilinear optimization On Threaded optimization On Vertical sync Off After changing those settings I could play in full screen mode with no lag whatsoever.

You might want to disable trilinear optimization, it tries to determine if a surface needs filtering depending on its orientation relative to the camera position and applies bilinear filtering instead of trilinear filtering on the surfaces that are vertical (ex. facing a wall head on bilinear, ground textures that extend far in the distance trilinear). Jun 28, 2018 · Anisotropic and triliniear are two different methods, so you can use both. Unlike triliniear and bilinear, since trilinear is just bilinear + depth, so trilinear will always "override" bilinear. But anisotropic is it's own thing. Triliniear is the old way of doing it.