Question: Water leaks into dishwasher when OFF. My dishwasher cleans and goes through cycles perfectly. However, after I run a wash cycle and remove all the clean dishes, there is an issue with water in the bottom. When the dishwasher is not in use the bottom of it fills up with water. The water is …Make sure your hot and cold water faucets are turned on. Both hot and cold water must be connected to the washer. The washing machine won't turn on with only one incoming source of water. Make sure your drain hose isn't kinked or clogged. Straighten the hose for adequate water flow.

The washer should start to fill with water, now cut the washer off and on repeatedly (note to yourself whether the water turned off every time). If it does cut off every time you cut the washer off, then it's most likely in the water level control. ... Return From GE Washer Leaking Repair Guide.Water keeps coming back after draining, raised the drain hose turn off. Bailed the water out but it keeps filling the bottom of th e dishwasher and leaking out on the hardwood floor. I raised the drain hose and even turned off the water, and water still came back. What gives. This could take an hour or more, but it's a pain.