What can Bible scholars say about the historicity of the appearances of Jesus to his followers? How much of the accounts can be shown to be accurate and what plausible explanations are there? So just what does the Bible have to say about the earth's shape? In order to ascertain the Bible's teaching on the shape of the earth we need to look at the underlying parts of the earth, too. The Bible speaks of the foundations of the earth, the pillars of the earth, the corners of the earth, and the ends of the earth.

The Bible and science , geology, must be in harmony. Old earth and young earth creationists disagree. Bible never claims the age of the earth. Exegetical commentaries on Genesis, Creation, Fall, Curse, Flood available to help Biblical interpretation.It would appear from Acts 4:37 and 12:12 that while the brother disposed of his property for the benefit of the church, the sister gave up her house as one of the places of meeting. (From The New Unger’s Bible Dictionary.